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Cannabis Leads & Cannabis Lead Generation

Unlike other cannabis lead companies, we allow you to download all the information you purchase, not just view it. We take the time to hand collect 1,000’s of cannabis dispensary leads and organize them into an easy-to-work-with Excel file. By having this lead data within a few clicks your marketing team will have everything they need to contact cannabis dispensaries across the United States. You could spend countless hours researching dispensaries yourself, or invest in our cannabis leads list which takes the entire workload off your back.

Cannabis Leads & Cannabis Lead Generation

We provide a downloadable Excel file containing Cannabis Dispensary mailing addresses, phone numbers, website URL, Manager or Owner name, emails, Facebook URL, Instagram URL, and Twitter URL. Our dispensary data is consistently updated to reflect the most current information available. If you have any questions whatsoever, please use the chatbox in the bottom left corner to chat with someone within minutes.

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Join the growing list of companies utilizing our cannabis leads to break into the cannabis industry with ease. Transform your marketing team’s available outreach options with just a few clicks.


List of Cannabis Dispensaries – Marketing Data

If you are looking to sell your services or products to a dispensary in the USA, this Excel list of dispensaries will save you and/or your sales team uncountable hours of work. Within seconds you can have over 5,058 dispensary’s marketing data at your finger tips.

What is this dispensary list good for? Direct physical mail campaigns, sales calls, sales email outreach, general research on the market, and more.

What data columns does this Excel list contain?

  • State
  • City
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email
  • Facebook URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Owner or Manager name

How much data is included?

  • 35 States (Medical & Recreational)
  • 5,058 Dispensary Mailing Addresses
  • 5,043 Phone Numbers
  • 5,001 Website Addresses (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 3,510 Emails (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 1,904 Unique Emails
  • 3,447 Facebook URLS (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 3,440 Instagram URLS (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 2,436 Twitter URLS (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
  • 3,508 Names of Managers or Owners (Including duplicates from chain dispensaries)
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